We want our kids to see the world, experience other cultures, and appreciate diversity. We want them to have adventures. But we also want them to be safe! This week, I have some excellent travel options for any young adult to see the world and visit some truly amazing locales that are beautiful and safe.

– Nancy

Wrapped in both modernity and ancient culture, Japan offers a completely different way of life. Its cities are a a technological marvel, it’s culture of minimalist beauty is fascinating, and its cuisine is truly something special. Japan has never let down my fellow travelers!

It’s Europe. You’ve got it all. From Parisian cafes to Florentine galleries; Spanish landscapes to Greek islands, there are countless ideas when it comes to this diverse land. A simple Eurail pass offers more history and culture than anyone could ask for, and an adventure is guaranteed.

Our distant friends in the southern hemisphere are friendly and ready for excitement. Australia is a country and continent onto itself, packed with animals and natural beauty found literally no place else. On top of that, its cities offer some of the great urban experiences of the world.

When you know how to do it right, Africa does not fail to impress. The natural wonders are endless and the culture is fascinating beyond words. From the food to the music to the animals and botanicals, Africa is the ultimate experience for anyone looking for a truly fulfilling and safe experience.

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