From its golden Tuscan hills to its crystal clear waters; from it’s awe-inspiring artwork to it’s ancient city streets, few places on Earth are as perfect for honeymooners as Italy.

Each and every day, I come across spectacular Italian packages that aren’t found through typical vacation searches. I’m happy to jump on a quick call to talk more about your options.

– Nancy

Fall in Love on a Gondola

Cliche? Maybe. But the fact is Venice is likely the most romantic city anywhere in the world. The canals. The architecture. The churches. The Prosecco! It’s a city you’ve got to visit at least once. Why not for a Honeymoon?

Fall in Love Over Michelangelo

The heart of art and culture (not to mention some phenomenal food,) Florence is a city of romance and culture, and the perfect Honeymoon location.

Fall in Love on the Beach

Beaches of pure white sand. Mountains with hiking and vistas that must be seen to be believed. Sardinia is an Italian paradise that offers seclusion, intimacy, and natural beauty like no other.

Fall in Love on the Sea

The cliffside villages on the Amalfi Coast are a European jewel. This is the spot to race that convertible car on your way to a seaside lunch. It's the stuff that Italy was made for.

Fall in Love in the Countryside

Imagine the rolling hills of Tuscany. Fresh Italian cuisine and historic cityscapes. Serene ancient streets provide the perfect backdrop for romantic strolls and honeymoon dinners.

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